Road Warrior? Park Stress Free at the Airport and Get Paid for your Business Travel

Today, we’re announcing a new service that allows frequent business travelers to be part of the rapidly growing sharing economy. For all you road warriors out therethis means stress free parking, quick access to the terminals at SFO, LAX and BOS and most of all extra money in your pocket when you let us rent your car to approved travelers.

Available immediately, FlightCar’s Business Traveler service ( offers a new alternative for members that travel for business and typically expense their parking:

  • Reliable Long-Term Parking. Just $15 Day.
  • Get cash. Earn up to $0.50/mile when you car is rented to approved travelers
  • Free car wash/vacuum. Return to a clean car, every time.
  • Black car service. Travel shuttle-free with black car pickup/drop-off at your terminal

All covered by our $1,000,000 insurance policy.

On average, members using the Business Traveler service will earn $120 cash when their car is rented on a 5-day trip, and will benefit from a free car wash and black car service every time they park. With gas covered by the renter, parking members earn more than the IRS mileage reimbursement rate for rental miles driven. (Per-mile earning rates vary depending on the year and model of the vehicle.)

We’re thrilled that in our first year, over 13,000 members joined the FlightCar family and enjoyed free parking at BOS, SFO and LAX, AND an opportunity to earn up to $0.20 cents a mile when their car is rentedNow we’re looking forward to welcoming far more into our trusted community this year, giving business travelers  a way to turn their parked vehicle into a personal revenue generator.

Road warriors, it’s your turn to hop into the driver’s seat of the sharing economy! Check-out the Business Traveler service and join the FlightCar community!

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